What Is The Paris Principle?

The Paris Principle is a 8-step process that teaches you to proactively create a reality through your dreams instead of learning lessons through fear, pain and suffering (which is the reality that you are likely creating for yourself right now). Though fear, pain and suffering are not a comfortable space to be in, know that they are the perfect starting place for your reality creation journey.

The Paris Principle is grounded in one very basic statement:

We Create 100% Of Our Reality  

And once you get the hang of it, it gets real fun, real fast.

If you have blamed a circumstance on an outside source, wished that someone in your life would change the way they’re behaving, or are at odds even with the tiniest aspect in your life…

You are leaving power on the table.

Any place where you are not taking responsibility is a blind spot that we can help illuminate in your journey to building the life of your dreams.

We recently had the joy of watching our client Ben Rode of the Rode Institute actualize the next level of his dream by moving his family down to Costa Rica and opening a breathtaking retreat center on 800 acres. The day of the move was also a day of testing; would they be able to rise above and create their desired reality despite uncooperative airline employees, angry customs agents and mysteriously disappearing paperwork? The answer is yes. Ben stayed grounded in his dream, took responsibility for every challenging circumstance with a smile on his face and willed the obstacles to dissolve until the reality he so desired was his. 

The skill to create the reality you desire is accessible to you and you can start to foster these skills right now.

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